keyboardist, composer, producer, performer


I'm a 30+ year veteran keyboardist. Having spent my early years, 1980's, travelling through the south in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and then a brief stint in Nashville playing with members of the Outlaws and Greg Allman Band. Having played some of the largest circuit venues, sharing the stage opening for The Fixx, Foghat, Badfinger, Blue Oyster Cult, Roy Buchanan, to name a few.


My primary instrument is piano, but I incorporate state of the art technology to provide realism and authenticity to my Legends Tribute shows, and high energy stage performance.


Currently working in my new tribute project called The Tribute Crew. A collection of the most talented tribute backing band musicians throughout the country. This enables tribute artists to assemble backing bands that better suit their needs and location. Contact me directly for more information and booking.


My personal project is called Tom and the Hot Notes, the most sensational boogie woogie piano show! This material focuses on my love for boogie woogie piano, from the classics like Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Meade "Lux" Lewis, to the rock beat boogie rythms of Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, and others in the 50's. All the way through modern influences with a new generation such as Dan Popek, Luca Sestak, Eeco Riken Rapp, Silvan Zingg, Mr. B, Stefan Ulbricht, and many more.



My rig configuration is flexible and able to accomodate any number of live performance requirements, including large stage performances; quick setup/teardown gigs; sequencing/click track/master clock integration; upright piano (new); and can accomodate playing a multitude of styles.

Live Rig:

  • Keyboard Hardware (varies by venue)
    • Nord Stage 2 HA88
    • Nord C2 Organ
    • Nord Electro 4 SW
    • Nord Stage Compact
    • Portable Upright Piano
    • (2) M-Audio Keystation 88 ES
    • Behringer U-Control UMX610
  • Additional Hardware
    • Leslie Speaker
      • Motion Sound Pro 3x
      • TOA 38-SD Cabinet
    • Behringer iNuke 1000DSP Amp
    • Sennheiser EW300 G3 IEM
    • Shure USLXS4 & SM58 Transmitter Microphone
    • Shure SM58 Microphone
    • Ultimate Ears IEM ear buds
  • Computer based Soft Synths (VST's)
    • Computer
      • Lenovo Helix, 3rd Gen Core i7, 8 gb RAM
      • Windows 7 64 bit
      • Cantabile Performer 64 bit Host, v2
      • MOTU Ultralight mk3 Hybrid (USB)
    • VST's (64 bit only)
      •  NI Komplete 8 Ultimate
        • w/Session Horns Pro
      • Rapture
      • Dimension Pro
      • NI Kore 2
      • True Pianos
      • NI Machine Mikro

Studio Equipment used:

  • Primary Software
    • Pro Tools 10 and Sonar Producer X3 64 bit
    • Windows 8 64 Bit
    • NI Komplete 8 Ultimate
    • NI Kore 2
    • Synthogy Ivory
  • Hardware
    • Nord Stage 2 HA88
    • Nord C2 Organ
    • Nord Electro 4SW
    • Nord Stage Compact
    • Intel Core I7, 12 gb RAM
    • M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R, USB
    • Roland Super JX-10
    • Rode NT1-A Microphone
    • Shure SM58
    • M-Audio BX8 D2 Monitors
    • Mackie MCU Pro control surface



Tom on Keys